Sunday, July 29, 2007

Post Forty-Nine: The Final Hurrah

And so, this is the end of my stint in the 2007 Blog-A-Thon. Let me recap a bit to those who have somehow missed it, or at least summarize the obvious: I'm blogging in memory of our Fonzie to benefit Alley Cat Allies, the number one national feral cat foundation.

The numbers are in. Thanks to all of you amazing sponsors, Feral, Not Homeless has raised:


Thank you for all of your support. Each comment to cheer me on, each donation/pledge -- I haven't yet found the words to thank all of you. "Thank you" is just sounding so trivial in comparison to how grateful I truly am. In addition, a huge bundle of gratitude to Alley Cat Allies themselves for providing me with all of these great prizes. Congratulations to everyone who won a prize in the various raffles -- your prizes will all be mailed out sometime this week.

I know that a simple $5 is enough to get a bag of cat food and feed at least five-seven feral cat colonies. So imagine all that can be done with the whopping $509.58 that you have helped me to raise. Thank you for your faith in me and for caring so very much about these cats. I know that Fonzie's story has touched many of you and that he has taught you, like he has taught me, all about feral cats in general.

All of you sponsors should be receiving an e-mail from the Blog-A-Thon staff sometime over the next week letting you know how to donate. The e-mail will contain an online link to pay via credit card online as well as a mailing address so you can send a check or money order.

...And this, this is my final goodbye. It's been a great year. I can't wait to do it all over next year. Again, thank you. Have a wonderful week!

Post Forty-Eight

Well, this is the second to last post. My last official "blog" post, as the next will be the final rundown of how much Fonzie's memory has made for Alley Cat Allies. Basically, the next post will be the big finale!

But now? Now is my last time to blog. And so blog I will! My dear Fonzie, thank you for all you've taught us about feral cat care. This has all been for you and all of the other feral cats that I've mentioned during the duration of the Blog-A-Thon who I've met because of you. You are my sunshine, Fonzarelsie-Belsie. I will love you until the day that I die.

I hope that everyone checking in has enjoyed my senseless rambles (okay, so that might not be possible) or at least learned a lot about Alley Cat Allies and feral cats in general. I thought introducing people to some of the cats in our colonies might be a nice way to put faces to names, so to speak, making it more personal.

I feel so much more awake now. Taking a twenty minute nap in between blogs was a horrible idea! But, I've come back to life and am ready to finish the 'Thon with a bang. And so off I go to prepare...

Post Forty-Seven

One more hour to go!

There is a turtle sunning himself in the lake right outside of our patio window. A new day is underway!

Anyway, we're still going on over here! You should see all the bottles from the bottled water cluttering up our table. Cleaning will be fun!

Post Forty-Six

Check out those under-eye bags! I'm getting to the point where I'm embarrassed to show what I currently look like. Just when I think it can't get any worse...!

Anyway, our contests are finished and now we're coming up on the end of the Blog-A-Thon. I already can't wait until next year. We've done so much for Alley Cat Allies -- but I'll save all of that for my last post.

Aaron and the two kitties are already on their third nap! I forgive them. They've been huge helps in keeping me awake during this whole ordeal.

Post Forty-Five

Come on, second wind, you can do it! It's seven o'clock, and a beautiful morning here in Winter Springs Florida:

We still have a couple of prizes to give away, so we should get to that.

Cats Of Lamu book, Music For Cat-A-Holics CD, ALERT window stickers, feral cat fact sheets and feral cat ribbon magnet.

Congratulations to:

Laura Heer

Well, see you at seven-thirty.

Post Forty-Four

Well, it's officially daytime outside! The sky is blue and there are more and more cars occasionally driving by out on the 434.

Does anyone have any big plans when the Blog-A-Thon ends? Or is "sleep" the general consensus? Anyone still up...anyone?

Post Forty-Three.

Well, it's the six o'clock post. Three more hours and...well, that'll be that. Oh man, I'm exhausted. How is everyone else doing? Hanging in there?